Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What are the services offered through Nakshe portal?
Ans.In Nakshe portal, user can see the list and meta data of all Open Series map(OSM) district wise released by Survey of India in compliance with National Map Policy – 2005. These maps are available for free download once the user login to the site using his/her Aadhar number.

Q2.How can I login to Nakshe portal?
Ans.When you search the portal by typing “ ” in your search engine, you will be directed to open the Nakshe portal of Survey of India. In the ” Login Here” space of home page, enter your Aadhar and Captcha and then press “Send OTP” button and follow the instructions displayed in the page.

Q3.What will I do if I do not receive OTP on my mobile number after pressing “Send OTP” button in the Nakshe portal?
Ans.The OTP will be received on the Aadhar linked mobile number of the user. The last four digits of the mobile number in which OTP is sent will be displayed in the Login space. In case you do not get OTP in your mobile please check the message displayed on the Login space and verify whether your present mobile number is updated in your Aadhar. If not, please update the mobile number in your Aadhar for availing the service.

Q4.Why Aadhar authentication is necessary to avail the services offered in Nakshe portal?
Ans.Electronic authentication of the user can be facilitated through Aadhar authentication at present. As and when other electronic authentication modes are available it will also be incorporated for authentication of the user. As per the department policy, all digital products of Survey of India are issued to users on production of identity issued by Central/State governments like Aadhar card, Voters id, Driving Licence etc when users visit Survey of India Map Sales Counters to procure digital products.

Q5.How can I search maps in Nakshe portal?
Ans.Once you login to the portal, you will see your Dashboard. On the left panel of the Dashboard, you can see “Download” button. On clicking Download button, you will see two options of search as
• Search by Map sheet number
• Geographical Search
Click on any of the above search option to start searching the maps.

Q6.How do Geographical Search works?
Ans.In Geographical Search, user has to first select one “State” and its “District” from dropdown menu. Then press “Search” button. All maps of the selected district will appear on the page.

Q7.Where can I view the meta data of the map in Geographical Search option?
Ans.You can see the meta data of the map by clicking “meta” button on the list of searched maps.

Q8.What is the format of downloaded map?

Q9.What are the features of map downloaded from Nakshe portal?
Ans.1. All maps downloaded from this portal are of pdf format and is password protected. Password is kept as last eight digits of user’s Aadhar number.
2. All pdf maps bear the watermark
3. QR code is embedded in all pdf maps.

Q10.What is the use of pdf maps published through Nakshe portal?
Ans.The pdf maps downloaded through Nakshe portal can be used for development activities, study and research, travel and tourism etc in the country. Sale of the pdfs downloaded from the portal is strictly prohibited.

Q11.Can I use pdf maps downloaded from Nakshe portal for applying NOC for height clearances from Airport authorities?
Ans.Yes. You may approach Airport authority to obtain their decision in this subject after launch of this new service of Survey of India.

Q12.How many pdf map can I download per day?
Ans.At present three pdf maps can be downloaded by a user per day. The number may change in future.

Q13.How the user can send the feedback on the service offered through Nakshe portal to concerned authorities?
Ans.User may send feedback by email to with subject line “ Feedback on Nakshe services”.

Q14.How many maps are available for download through Nakshe portal?
Ans.As on 15th April 2017, 4300 Open Series Maps are released by Survey of India, of which 3200 maps are available for free download through Nakshe portal. The number will increase as the uploading is in progress.

Q15.Can I get Open Series Maps in regional language?
Ans.Survey of India publishes Open Series Maps in regional languages based on the demand of the user. Few Open Series Maps are available in regional languages also and will be available soon in the Nakshe portal.