Shri Naveen Tomar

Surveyor General of India

The Surveyor General of India is the Head of Department of Survey of India, a Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of India. He also happens to be the senior most member of the Survey of India Service, an organized engineering service under the Union of India. The current Surveyor General is Shri Naveen Tomar.

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Nakshe (मानचित्र)

In the year 2017, Survey of India has celebrated 250 years of glorious history (1767-2017) of its achievements. Government of India has come up with two major policies in Geospatial domain.
• National Map Policy 2005 ( Download)
• National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP - 2012) ( Download)
As a result of National Map Policy Survey of India started Nakshe(मानचित्र) portal on 10 January 2017 through which it offers Indian citizens free maps in pdf format. These maps are available on the scale of 1:50000

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Map Transaction Registry

Apart from free pdf maps in Nakshe(मानचित्र), Survey of India also facilitates Indian citizens to buy maps in other formats( DGN, DEM, ARC, SHAPEFILE, GEOTIFF) through Map Transaction Registry. User may order and pay online, one or more maps in various above  given  formats.
The user must download, fill, sign and upload License Agreement for demanding in following data formats (SHAPE FILE, ARC Geodatabase, DGN, DEM)

Download SOI Pricing Policy Data 2017- Hindi Version (3.69 MB)
Download SOI Pricing Policy Data 2017- English Version(4.52 MB)

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