Pricing Policy -2017

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Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, has announced Pricing Policy – 2017 for sharing of Survey of India data to various user agencies. In this Policy two categories are being approved (Details given as under) for supply of Topographical digital Data base (TDB) or Digital data to different agencies viz Govt./Public/Private/Universities etc.
1. For Central or State Govt. Departments/Organisations and Universities/ Autonomous Educational or Research institutions of Central and State Governments, data supply will be as per MOA terms only. Data supply will be made with applicable handling charges on submission of duly filled FORM A - 1 and MOA.
2. For Private Enterprises/ NGOs/Centre or State PSUs/General Public for undertaking various developmental projects/ value additions, data supply will be at actual rates on submission of duly filled FORM A-2.
Note: "Licenses as usual will be issued to above agencies as per licensing mechanism in vogue stipulating data use and handling terms".
For more details contact : sgo[dot]technical[dot]soi[at]gov[dot]in